Individual piano tuition for children

A private piano lesson for children - from 5 years old and onwards.  

The parent/carer is welcome and encouraged to sit in on the lesson, especially with a younger child as they do need some help at home with practising the piano and with reading  instructions.

Every-day practice is essential and some parental supervision is necessary with younger students.


Private piano tuition for adults 

It is never too late to learn to play the piano and experience the pleasure of music making. 



Monday to Friday – various times after school. 

Times during the day may also be available.

By appointment only.

Lessons are  conducted during school terms.

Piano lessons will be suspended during public holidays and also at other times announced by the teacher.  Lessons will also be suspended on occasions where the pupil gives at least one week’s notice that he or she will be away from home or unable to attend a lesson.



Fees are set within the range of the Minimum Recommended, as prescribed by the Tasmanian Music Teachers’ Association and are annually reviewed by the Association.  For 2015, fees will be $66.00 per hour.

The length of the lesson depends on the student’s level, but 30 minutes is usually sufficient for a beginner to about grade 2 level.



All students must have access to a piano on a daily basis. 

A keyboard is fine at the very beginning, but only as a temporary measure.  A piano or a digital piano with 88 fully weighted, hammer-actioned keys should be acquired (or rented) as soon as possible. 

A digital piano should also be "touch sensitive" which means that the harder or softer you press down the key, the louder or softer the sound will be. On the other hand, a "non-touch" sensitive keyboard would have the same amount of loudness no matter how hard you pressed it down.

A good instrument to practise on makes so much difference in the progress and motivation of students.